Your Technical Experts Across Your Project Lifecycle

Our experienced technical team provides comprehensive support across all phases of your offshore wind farm project. From development and design through commissioning and operation. We ensure your project runs safely, efficiently and reliably. Due to our experience we are able to minimize risks and maximize the success of your project.

Our technical experts provide consulting and engineering services during the development phase to optimize wind farm design and layout. We conduct studies, analyse relevant data and handle permitting to ensure a smooth start of the project.


During construction, we offer a range of technical advice including design finalization, procurement and assembly coordination, project installation management and commissioning support. Our team oversees each project stage to deliver your wind farm on time and on budget.

Once your wind farm is operational, we provide ongoing technical support services to maximize performance and availability. This includes maintenance planning, non-conformity handling, power performance analysis, diagnostics, retrofits, structural issues and lifetime extension services.

When your wind farm reaches end-of-life, we can provide decommissioning support including conceptual planning, cost estimation, permitting and technical oversight of the decommissioning process.

Send us your individual request and we will provide you with a customized solution.