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The Offshore Wind Farm, MERKUR Offshore is located in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the North Sea, approximately 45 km north of Borkum Island in the north-eastern part of the specified zone for offshore wind farms. The project site covers an area of 47 km² in total. Merkur Offshore will be equipped with 66 wind energy converters of GE’s offshore wind turbine “Haliade 150” with nominal power of 6 MW each. The hub height of a single turbine is more than 100 m above water level and the innovative gearless 6 MW machine is equipped with one of the largest rotors in the wind industry covering an area equivalent to three football fields with its diameter of 150 m.

Our mission is to support the creation of clean and sustainable energy. We built 66 GE Haliade 6MW turbines allowing approximately 500,000 households to be supplied with green energy.

During construction and operation our highest priority is the health and safety of all project members. We live by our credo: Stop, Review, Plan, then Do!

With the same meticulous care, we protect the environment at all work levels and at any phase of the project.

The Merkur Offshore team, located in Hamburg, Germany, is directly embedded in the company.

During operation, the scope of works consist mainly in maintenance tasks, which are performed by following contractors:

After the acquisition of Alstom’s energy businesses (Alstom Power and Alstom Grid) by General Electric, Alstom’s wind business was transferred to General Electric (GE) in September 2015. Alstom’s (now GE’s) wind turbine designed for offshore operations is the “Haliade150-6MW”.

Onshore and offshore prototypes of the “Haliade” were installed in 2012 and 2013, followed by issuing of the type certificate in December 2014. In 2016, GE installed and tested one turbine at Østerild, Denmark, and America’s first offshore wind farm at Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island, which has a capacity of 30 MW.

For the Merkur Offshore project, GE Renewables delivered 66 turbines with a nominal output of 396 MW per hour.


Former EWE Offshore Service & Solutions (now OMEXOM) has been an independent service provider in the European offshore wind market since 2012. As a reliable partner, OMEXOM advises and supports customers in offshore wind farm projects and offers solutions with the OMEXOM Group’s proven 360° experience. An interdisciplinary team of over 100 offshore specialists and with operational experience at home and abroad supports the offshore projects during the entire implementation – from the planning phase to operational management.

OMEXOM has been involved in the Merkur Project since the commissioning phase and is now providing Substation Service & Maintenance, 24/7 windfarm monitoring, marine coordination, and operational management services such as campaign planning and HSE management support.


mh2 offshore GmbH is an owner-operated service company focussing on service and maintenance of offshore Steel structures. Based in northern Germany between the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven, mh2 is well known in the German offshore wind industry for safe and client-oriented offshore works. The wide range of offered services comprise inspections, NDT testing, modification and repair works of offshore steel structures.

Providing quality inspections during the fabrication of Merkur’s Transition Pieces, mh2 is now taking care of all service and maintenance tasks for the TP foundation structures above the water line.

The project of Merkur Offshore is making progress: Keep yourself updated.

December 20, 2017

January 29, 2018

February 13, 2018

After commissioning of the last WTG Merkur Offshore successfully completed the project phase and is now fully operational.

June 15, 2019

Merkur Offshore obtained final project certification.

July 26, 2019

Financing banks confirmed successful project completion (COD – Commercial Operation Date).

July 31, 2019

GE Renewable Energy’s newly-built Service Operations Vessel out from dock

February 11, 2020

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