The development phase is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful offshore wind project. Our technical consultants partner with you to optimize the design, engineering, permitting, and planning from the start. With decades of offshore wind farm development experience, we identify and mitigate risks early to ensure your project is set up for maximum efficiency, production, and profitability.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Project

Our development services enable you to fully realize the potential of your offshore wind project while minimizing risks and costs. We offer analyses to optimize the layout and design.

Our goal is to maximize energy availability by already early planned project set-up and O&M organization. Our experts will handle the permitting process and coordinate approvals to avoid delays. We work closely with authorities and stakeholders to streamline this process.

We identify and mitigate risks early in development through studies, modeling and years of experience. This prevents financial problems during construction and operations. Overall, our development services set up your project for long-term profitability.

You get an efficiently planned wind farm tailored precisely to your site conditions and optimized for performance and availability over its lifetime.

Navigating the Future of Energy

Our Expertise for the Development of Offshore Wind Projects

Feasibility and Site Studies

Our team supports in-depth feasibility and site studies to assess the development of your offshore wind project. This includes wind resource assessments to estimate energy production potential, environmental conditions and layout optimization. We analyse project economics, quantify risks, and identify development challenges. Our reports provide actionable data to support design decisions and demonstrate project viability to stakeholders. With our expertise we provide the technical foundation to set your project up for success.

Design and Engineering

Our engineering team supports in all aspects of design and engineering for your offshore wind project. We advise on electrical systems, turbine design, offshore substations and export cables to efficiently transmit power. Our experts advice on robust SCADA systems tailored to your project's monitoring and control needs. We provide technical specifications and employer's requirements to align with required codes, standards, and certifications. Whether your project requires a full consultancy package or specialized consultancy, our team delivers support that meet your needs. With decades of offshore wind experience, we create innovative solutions while mitigating technical risks.

Approvals and Compliance

Navigating approvals and ensuring regulatory compliance is complex but our experts simplify the process. We handle permitting across all project phases, coordinating with authorities to secure timely approvals. Our team tracks regulatory developments and requirements to maintain compliance. We manage certification processes, providing guidance to help you to achieve all necessary certifications. We also support on surveys and studies which are required for permits and approvals. With our regulatory experience and relationships with authorities, we smooth the approvals process to avoid costly delays. We ensure your project meets all relevant regulations and certifications for safe and sustainable operations. Our comprehensive compliance support helps you to stay focused on core project activities.

Grid Integration

Connecting your offshore wind project to the grid is complex, but our experts manage the process seamlessly. We handle all technical aspects of grid integration, from initial feasibility studies to final commissioning. Our services include advise on grid compliance analysis, transmission system studies, grid connection design and integration management. Our team also coordinates energization, testing, and commissioning. With our in-depth grid expertise and strong industry relationships, we ensure a smooth grid integration process so you can achieve on-time clean power delivery.

Safety and Risk Management

We help identify and mitigate risks from the earliest development stages through operations. Our safety experts conduct hazard analysis and develop comprehensive HSE plans and safety concepts/procedures tailored to your project's specific risks. We also perform technical due diligence reviews to uncover potential issues and provide risk advisory services to lenders and investors. Throughout the project lifecycle, we conduct safety audits, risk assessments, and provide ongoing advisory to minimize hazards. With our focus on safety and risk reduction we prevent incidents to ensure smooth and safe operations. Our proactive approach to safety and risk management provides confidence and peace of mind across all project phases.

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