Our specialized services deliver the oversight and optimization to maximize the profitability of your offshore wind operations. With extensive industry expertise, we provide strategic guidance tailored to meet your operational and financial goals over the asset lifetime. Whether you need assistance with short-term troubleshooting or long-term profit maximization, our integrated team of experts has the capabilities to meet your needs.

Expertise to Optimize Offshore Wind Operations

Our services deliver integrated solutions to optimize the profitability and minimize the risks of your offshore wind operations over the asset lifetime.
  • Contract and Claim Management: We oversee agreements and pursue claims to maximize your revenue.
  • Strategy Review: Our consultants conduct in-depth reviews of your operations strategy and provide data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  • Revenue Management: We ensure you receive full payment for generation through optimized bidding strategies and grid claim management.
  • Operational Risk Management: With quantitative models and mitigation plans, we safeguard your assets and revenue.
  • Project Finance: Our experts advise on profit-maximizing financial structures and secure optimal investment.
  • ISMS ISO 27001 Certification: We ensure your information security management system meets rigorous standards.
Trust our specialized services for maximized offshore wind profitability. Our commercial rigor and technical expertise provide the tools to optimize operations and achieve your financial targets.

Navigating the Future of Energy

Strategic Guidance for Maximized Profitability

Revenue Maximization

Our experts ensure you receive full value for your generated power through optimized bidding strategies, robust contract management, and diligent claims processes. We maximize your revenue across energy, balancing, and grid services markets.

Risk Mitigation

With quantitative modeling and detailed plans, we identify and mitigate operational risks to safeguard your assets, revenue, and timeline. Our consultants advise on risk reduction strategies and implement rigorous security protocols.

Asset Optimization

Our engineers conduct in-depth asset reviews and recommend enhancements to maximize efficiency and extend asset lifetime. We optimize maintenance strategies, monitor performance, and advise on technology upgrades.

Financial Structuring

Our financial specialists structure optimal investment and financing plans aligned to your strategic goals. We secure competitive project financing, evaluate partnerships, and pursue grants and incentives.

Client results

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