Powering the Future with Offshore Wind

Merkur Offshore has successfully and safely constructed the Merkur Windfarm in the German North Sea. We are operating our Windfarm Merkur and furthermore we are offering consultancy service as our experienced key personnel is motivated to share their knowledge.

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Powering Homes With Offshore Wind

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Bringing Unmatched Capabilities and Experience to Every Project

Merkur Offshore operates one of the largest offshore wind farms in the North Sea in Germany. After development and construction, the wind farm has been in operation since summer 2019, supplying up to 500,000 households with electricity from renewable energy through its 66 times 6MW wind turbines. This allows us to make a significant contribution to achieving the climate protection goals set by the German government. 

The consulting services we offer encompass all technical and commercial aspects and requirements of the project, from development through construction and commissioning up to the operational phase.

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How We Operate: Our Core Values

Integrity & Confidentiality

We uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business, operating with complete transparency and honesty. We build partnerships based on discretion and keeping sensitive information protected while proactively earning our clients' trust.


Our depth of technical knowledge and experience allows us to take on complex challenges to meet our clients‘ needs. In case specific additional expertise is required, we have it available in our sustainable network.


In our company we believe in a high cohesion within the team. Our „togetherness“ is what sets us apart, so that everyone supports each other.


We provide impartial and fact-based advice to find the best solutions, not just the most convenient ones.

Long-Term Relationships

We cultivate lasting partnerships with clients by being responsive, reliable, and dedicated towards our clients need.


We take full ownership and responsibility for delivering on our commitments in a transparent and professional manner.


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