When offshore wind assets near end-of-life, we provide decommissioning services to manage the process efficiently and responsibly. We handle conceptual planning, cost estimation, permitting, regulatory compliance and advise also on removal, disposal and site restoration. We will develop optimized decommissioning plans that safely will dismantle all your offshore components while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Your Advantage for Decommissioning

Partnering with Merkur for your wind farm decommissioning provides multiple benefits:

  • Thorough decommissioning plans optimized with the focus on safety, efficiency and cost
  • Strict adherence to all regulatory and permit requirements
  • Seamless coordination of all offshore activities
  • Restoration of offshore sites after decommissioning
  • Single point of accountability for the entire process

With our services, you can be confident that your assets will be decommissioned responsibly and cost-effectively. Our team will handle all aspects of planning and execution.

Navigating the Future of Energy

Full Assistance Through Decommissioning

Concepts and cost consultation

Our team will support on developing an optimized decommissioning concept and accurate cost estimation. We will analyse all components of your wind farm to create a tailored plan for dismantling and removal. This includes proposing methodologies, sequencing, equipment needs and timelines to safely and efficiently execute offshore work. We model multiple scenarios to determine the most cost-effective approach that also meets regulatory requirements.

Decommissioning Execution

Once the decommissioning concept is finalized and approved, we will provide a complete project management team for the execution. Our team will handle permitting, contractor management, work coordination, quality, safety and regulatory reporting. Our team will monitor progress and compliance throughout dismantling activities.”

Client results

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