Our experts will provide ongoing support throughout your wind farm’s operational lifetime to maximize efficiency, production and profitability. From maintenance planning to performance analysis, we offer a comprehensive range of technical services to improve operations. Our team will optimize your maintenance strategies, monitor your performance and identify issues early in advance to minimize downtime. With our services for operation you gain a partner to optimize your wind farm’s output.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Assets

  • Maximize energy production and availability
  • Optimize maintenance strategies to reduce costs
  • Extend asset lifetime through proper servicing
  • Early issue identification to prevent failures
  • Continuous performance monitoring and analysis

With our consulting service we focus to maximize returns from your assets while minimizing downtime and costs over the operation period. Our team becomes an extension of yours, dedicated to optimizing wind farm performance.

Navigating the Future of Energy

Technical Services for Efficient Operations

Maintenance Management

Our services for maintenance management are designed to maximize turbine availability and optimize maintenance. We plan preventive maintenance campaigns to inspect and service components in line with the relevant method statements. Our team will advise on all aspects of maintenance, from routine servicing to major component replacements. We optimize maintenance strategies based on detailed analysis of failures, service history and other relevant data.

Performance Optimization

Our performance optimization services focus on maximizing your wind farm's energy production and availability. We conduct detailed power performance analyses to identify opportunities for improvements. This includes assessing turbine performance against power curves, analysing wind conditions and modelling energy production. We also perform availability analyses to pinpoint reliability issues. Advanced monitoring with LIDAR and SCADA provides the data needed for in-depth assessment. With our service we would like to optimize your windfarm performance and realize the full potential of your assets.

Electrical Systems

Our team provides comprehensive services to support ongoing operations and maintenance. We consider all electrical O&M activities including inspections, troubleshooting, repairs and component replacements. We also manage grid integration tasks like re-commissioning, protection settings and grid code compliance. Our experts will perform in-depth analyses to optimize electrical infrastructure and identify upgrade opportunities. We develop and deliver training on electrical safety procedures and maintenance best practices.

Advisory Services

In general, our advisory services will provide ongoing technical guidance and support throughout your project. Our experts will advise on construction and installation methods, O&M strategies and all other aspects to maximize performance and minimize costs. We offer guidance on regulatory compliance, permitting and health and safety procedures. Our advisors will identify improvement opportunities and mitigate risks.

Asset Management

Our asset management services are designed to optimize performance and maximize the value of your wind assets over their operational lifetime. We oversee all aspects of asset management, from daily operations to long-term strategic planning. Our experts handle warranty management, lifetime extensions and repowering assessments to fully utilize each asset's potential. We have developed comprehensive maintenance strategies based on experience due to operation of the Merkur Windfarm to sustain availability and reduce failures. Ongoing performance monitoring and optimization ensures your assets continuously operate at peak capacity.

Compliance & Reporting

Staying compliant with changing regulations is challenging for wind farm owners and operators. Our compliance and reporting services will help to manage this critical aspect of operations. We handle all permitting and maintain certifications to ensure your wind farm meets local regulations. We oversee the detailed reporting which is necessary to demonstrate compliance to authorities. With regulatory knowledge and coordination experience, we ensure your wind farm avoids shutdowns. Our services will ensure compliance management and a transparent reporting required to keep your wind assets operating smoothly within regulatory frameworks.

Monitoring & Control

We design, integrate and manage SCADA and control systems tailored to your needs. Our experts establish will define KPIs, alarms, analytics and visualizations to provide actionable insights. Our team also optimizes control parameters and interfaces with grid operators to maximize production.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining quality standards is essential for maximizing uptime and returns from wind assets. Our services oversee all aspects of quality control during operations and maintenance. We will establish protocols, checklists, processes for repairs, retrofits and routine maintenance based on industry best practices. Our experts perform inspections, audits and reviews to verify work meets specifications and complies with regulations. We could manage non-conformances, advise on corrective actions and ensure continuous improvement. With quality procedures in place, we give you confidence in the safety, reliability and performance of O&M activities.

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